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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 February, 2005, 21:53 GMT
Train crashes into herd of cows
A Virgin cross-country train has ploughed into a herd of cows, causing major delays for commuters.

The crash happened on Thursday evening near Hinton Admiral in Dorset.

A spokesman from Virgin said no-one was injured and the train had not derailed. Passengers were moved onto buses, but the line remained closed.

Steve Rodgers, 26, a passenger from Southampton, said: "The train shuddered and the sky outside was lit up by sparks. I thought it would derail."

Mr Rodgers told the BBC News website that three cows had been killed and at least 10 more were wandering on the track.

David Ewart, from Virgin Trains, said: "There are 36 passengers on board but no-one is injured and there was no derailment."

The train had left Bournemouth at 1846 GMT and was on its way to Manchester.

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