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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK
Body armour for rural paramedics
Jamie Hockley
Staff were being fitted for the vests on Tuesday
A rural ambulance trust is introducing inner-city style body armour to protect its staff.

Dorset Ambulance Trust is bringing in the anti-stab vests as it says staff attending pub fights or drug-related incidents need protection.

No paramedic in the county has yet been badly hurt in the line of duty.

Paramedic Jamie Hockley said: "We wouldn't dream of going to a road crash without protective equipment, and this is just an extension of that."

Mick Barnes, of Dorset Ambulance Trust, admitted the vests were not yet standard issue everywhere.

"It's not a new idea - in London they've been wearing stab vests for about four years," he said.

"In Dorset the trust has recognised that there's an element of risk to our staff, and this is an extension to their personal protective equipment."

Staff were being fitted for the 300 vests on Tuesday.

When finished they will look like standard florescent paramedic uniforms.

Paramedics try body armour
18 Dec 01  |  England

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