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Double delight for apple grower

Ken Morrish and apple
Ken Morrish has been told the apple is freak of nature

A very unusual apple has astounded a fruit grower in Devon.

Ken Morrish, 72, from Colaton Raleigh found an apple on his Golden Delicious tree which was almost exactly half green and half red.

Mr Morrish, who has been growing apples in his garden for about 45 years, admitted it looked like two different apple halves stuck together.

The apple was examined at nearby Bicton Ariculture College, but experts think it is a very rare genetic mutation.

Mr Morrish said he was picking apples for his sister in law to make a pie when he spotted the apple of two halves.

'So uncanny'

"I thought it was a green apple.

"Then I saw the red side and thought someone had painted it.

"It was just something so uncanny. To think that nature could do something like that."

He is keeping it the fridge for now until experts have analysed it.

John Breach from the British Independent Fruit Growers' Association estimated the odds of finding such a specimen would be "millions and millions to one".

Jim Arbury from RHS Wisley said a bi-colour flower is more common.

Both experts said they would be interested to see if the phenomenon happens again next year.

Mr Morrish reassured them that he would be looking out for another one.

"Whether it grows another one, we'll have to wait and see.

"But we can hope, can't we?"

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