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Dead shark is discovered on beach

It is not known how the shark died

A 6ft (1.8m) dead shark has been found washed up on a Devon beach.

Mark Coombs, from Plymouth, was with family and friends at Thurlestone beach when one of the children in the group ran back saying they had found a shark.

Mr Coombs, 34, said the discovery of the blue shark on Saturday was "a bit scary", adding: "It looked fairly nasty with its razor-sharp teeth."

The Shark Trust said blue sharks were a seasonal visitor to British waters. They can be up to 8ft (2.5m) long.

Common species

Mr Coombs said: "One of the kids of our friends came running over and said: 'There's a shark over there'. We all said: 'Oh, yeah, whatever'. But there it was."

"There were a few people there, and we're not sure if it had been washed up or dragged out of water.

"You don't normally find things like that on a beach, it's usually just jellyfish or things like that."

Ali Hood, director of conservation of the Plymouth-based Shark Trust, said the blue shark was an open water creature, but that "they are a common species to our waters".

She said: "They appear in the summer months, and you can find them right up to the coast of Scotland.

"They are a phenomenal species, but they, unfortunately, have to run the gauntlet of intensive fishing practices."

It is not known how the shark died. It was later dragged back into the sea by a pair of divers.

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03 Jun 08 |  Cornwall

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