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Criminal tag 'not fashion item'

A windsurfer on a beach
Shorts were part of a uniform for the job selling windsurfing equipment

A convicted criminal has had his curfew lifted because the electronic tag he was forced to wear did not look good with his shorts.

Aaron Morgan, 22, from Chudleigh, Devon, had been tagged for six months after admitting supplying heroin.

A judge at Exeter Crown Court agreed to the tag's removal after Morgan got a job selling windsurfing equipment.

His lawyers had argued the tag would not look good with the shorts he was required to wear as his new uniform.

An electronic tag is not a fashion item
Judge Graham Cottle

Judge Graham Cottle said: "Wearing an electronic tag is not a fashion item when it comes to working in shorts and trying to sell windsurfing equipment."

His judgement means Aaron Morgan wore the tag for four of the six months he was sentenced to.

In January he admitted supplying heroin to a friend who later died of an overdose.

He was given a nine month sentence, suspended for two years.

One of the conditions was a six month nightly curfew, which also required an electronic tag to be worn.

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