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Mother's plea after party chaos
Colehayes Park
The gatecrashers rampaged through the house and grounds

The mother of a girl whose party was gatecrashed by up to 2,000 revellers after a "shout out" on Radio 1 has urged the BBC to review its policy.

Youngsters caused damage estimated at thousands of pounds to the Brooks family's grade-II listed mansion on the outskirts of Dartmoor, Devon.

The party at Colehayes Park, Bovey Tracey, was stormed after details went on the web and Pete Tong's show.

The BBC said the name and address of the venue had not been specified.

Sarah Ruscoe was expecting about 100 invited guests at her 18th birthday party on Friday night, but many hundreds turned up.

Pete Tong
Pete Tong gives shout outs on his show every week

Four bouncers hired by the family to protect the property were overwhelmed by the gatecrashers.

Sarah's mother, Rebecca Brooks, described the event as "terrifying".

She said: "Bottles and cans were strewn from the house to the village, which is two miles away."

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police, who eventually cleared the mansion house using dogs, were pelted with glass by the drunken revellers.

Some arrests had been made, but the Brooks told police they did not want to pursue the matter and a force spokesman said on Monday the log had been closed with no criminal charges.

Grade II listed granite mansion
Mainly Georgian, but parts date back to 16th Century
Set in 20 acres of land
Field studies centre for schools and universities
Mansion's dormitories can accommodate about 70 people
Also hosts parties and weddings

Local residents said many of the revellers continued to rampage through the streets of Bovey Tracey.

Mrs Brooks said she had sincerely apologised to local businesses and neighbours.

During the Radio 1 item, Pete Tong stated: "We're getting ready for a huge mansion party - 500-plus people going - it's in Bovey."

Mrs Brooks said even if addresses were not mentioned, big homes were identifiable in rural areas.

She said: "I'm going to write a stiff letter to ask the BBC to review its policy. They have to be careful, particularly to rural communities.

Party aftermath
Furniture was overturned and files ransacked by partygoers

"People only had to look for the mansion in Bovey Tracey. In this instance, they may has well have just given the exact address."

She added: "We've all learned lessons, and this is the last party we will be hosting for any of our daughters."

The BBC said Pete Tong gave shout outs on his show every week and he would never knowingly give an identifiable address for a private party.

A BBC spokesman said: "Of course, if the family makes a formal complaint we will fully investigate."

The Brooks family said it was intending to pay for the damage privately.

Sarah later released a statement admitting she was "foolish" after putting a poster up at her school, Torquay Grammar, inviting "everyone".

She said: "Admittedly perhaps I was foolish and naive but how often does a poster cause chaos and devastation?"

A video was posted on YouTube showing the party, with people falling over tables and downing cans of beer and spirits.

At the end of the video a message read: "Next time Sarah, don't invite everyone."

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