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Student died after drinking games
An 18-year-old student died after taking part in drinking games on a pub crawl, an Exeter inquest has been told.

Gavin Britton joined fellow golfers from the University of Exeter, drinking at a dozen pubs in November 2006.

The student from Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire, was found dead at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter, Devon, the following morning.

The coroner recorded a verdict of death by alcohol poisoning and said it was a "sad case of a wasted life".

But Dr Elizabeth Earland made no recommendations.

The inquest at County Hall heard that during the fancy dress pub crawl Mr Britton drank a mixture of wine, beer and spirits.

In one pub, the first-year accountancy and finance undergraduate was chosen to stand on a stool and drink vodka, gin and pineapple juice from a half-pint glass.

He was violently sick, but continued drinking in four more pubs.

'Score card'

University golf team member Alexander McGregor told the inquest Mr Britton was a member of the university golf society.

He said during a pub golf game each person was given a score card to record how many attempts they took to down an alcoholic drink in each pub.

"Everyone knew what was going on. No-one was pressurised into going along," he said.

Mr McGregor said the last time he saw Mr Britton was in the Timepiece bar around 2100 GMT.

Mr Britton's body was discovered at the Phoenix Arts Centre at about 0800 GMT the following morning.

A post-mortem examination revealed the cause of death was aspiration of gastric contents due to ethanol poisoning.

Dr Earland said: "I am satisfied Gavin voluntarily drank the alcohol that killed him and had done so on previous occasions.

"This is a sad tale of a wasted life and I consider that the evidence speaks for itself and there is no need to make recommendations."


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