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Last Updated: Monday, 25 February 2008, 13:53 GMT
Loos on beach to highlight litter
Loos on beach at Instow
The event was part of a research project about marine litter
A Devon beach has been littered with broken toilets as part of a campaign to remind people not to flush away items that should be put in the bin.

About 30 toilets were placed on Instow on Saturday as part of an installation.

It was organised by Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service, South West Water and the Environment Agency.

The Bin It Don't Flush It campaign aims to remind people not to flush away items such as sanitary towels, panty liners, condoms and disposable nappies.

The campaign has highlighted what it calls a dirty dozen of items that are often flushed away that should instead be binned.

'Understand consequences'

Martin Weiler, of the Environment Agency, said: "People need to be aware the toilet is not an extension of the household disposal system."

Saturday's event was part of an 18-month research project about marine litter in north Devon.

The research will be used to educate residents and tourists about the economic and ecological impacts of marine litter, including sewage-related debris.

Tom Hynes, of NDC&CS, said: "We want people to understand the consequences of dropping litter on our beaches."

The installation by a sculptor known as Mrs ReCycle was installed and removed on the same day.

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