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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2008, 17:11 GMT
Fish chews up bad memory theory
Bentley the fish
Bentley the fish is alerted to dinner
Researchers at the National Marine Aquarium in Devon think they have disproved the age-old theory that fish have got bad memories.

Whether it is good memory or a good appetite, humphead wrasse Bentley has been obediently coming to food when a dinner gong is sounded.

He even remembered the sound after a four-month break and raced to his favourite meal of squid and prawns.

Now the aquarium is going to test its experiment further with sharks.

Kelvin Boot from the aquarium said: "There is a popular misconception that fish are not very bright and that they do not have long memories.

"But we are finding that this is just not true at all."

The project could be useful in the future to separate fish who need treatment without the use of divers which can cause stress.

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