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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 December 2007, 12:07 GMT
Farm creates 665 multibird roast
True Love Roast
The roast takes two people to lift - Photo Heal Farm
A Devon farm has concocted a 12-bird roast that takes 10 hours to cook and can feed up to 125 people.

The roast weighs 25kg (55lb) and is believed to be one of the biggest multibird meals in the country.

Anne Petch, of Heal Farm in Kings Nympton, said they wanted to make a dish with a "wow factor".

The 665 creation consists of turkey on the outside, goose, chicken, pheasant, three ducks, poussin, guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon squab and quail.

Ms Petch said the True Love Roast had a bird for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

It takes two people to lift.

'Crazy idea'

"We've been making smaller multibird roasts for a while, but I wanted something with a real wow factor.

"It was only when I was halfway through the first prototype that I realised what a crazy idea it was."

She said they were aiming for a 21-bird roast for next year.

Multibird roasts are a centuries-old style of cooking that is becoming increasingly popular.

The supermarket Waitrose said demand for their 200 four-bird roast was up 50% this year.

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