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Joss Stone demands ticket refunds
Joss Stone
Joss Stone has asked organisers to reimburse tickets
Singer Joss Stone has asked for money to be reimbursed to people who bought tickets to see her appear at a pub gig in Devon.

Stone, 20, told organisers she might appear at an invites-only show with Yes Sir Boss at Drakes in Topsham.

But she pulled out after she heard that a number of tickets had been sold on the back of her appearance.

A spokesman for the singer said she felt that her appearance had been "compromised" by the sale of tickets.

Joss feels completely compromised and never agreed to that approach
Joss Stone spokesman

He said the band had promoted the 150-capacity show on 21 December on the back of Joss's name.

"Joss feels completely compromised and never agreed to that approach," he said.

'Major show'

It remains unclear who was selling the tickets, but organisers said anyone who had bought them would be reimbursed.

A spokesman for Drakes said about 70 tickets had been sold through friends and the venue had not advertised Joss Stone's performance.

He said the tickets sales were intended to go towards payment of the Yes Sir Boss band.

He said: "We are very disappointed at the outcome. We confirm that a full refund will be given to everyone who bought tickets."

It has cost us a lot of money and would have been a major show for the band
Elwynne Green, band manager

Elwynne Green, manager of gypsy reggae band Yes Sir Boss, said the Bristol-based band still wanted to play on Friday, despite the disappointment.

She said: "It has cost us a lot of money and would have been a major show for the band.

"We are absolutely devastated that Joss isn't appearing, but we are still going to put on an amazing show for our fans."

Stone has sold more than 7.5m albums worldwide and has appeared onstage with James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Elton John.

Yes Sir Boss, formed at Dartington College in Devon, have supported Joss Stone at shows in Amsterdam and London.

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