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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 08:37 GMT
Fat chance to reduce drain blocks
South West Water sewer cam
Cameras are used to check for any blockages
South West Water says the fat content of sewers can rise by nearly a quarter over Christmas, causing blocked drains.

Now it is taking steps to educate more caterers and home cooks about the problems caused by fat in the drains.

The equivalent volume of 21 double-decker buses of fat is removed from the region's sewers each year, costing customers over 1.5m.

So people are being urged to pour fat into a container and recycle it as bird feed or put it in the bin.

Working with Environmental Health Officers, South West Water (SWW) is visiting caterers across the region to tell them about the best ways to keep fat, oil, grease and food waste out of drains and sewers.

SWW's John Perriam said: "The visits will help caterers keep their own drainage in good order as well as reducing the risk of blockages and sewer flooding."

It costs 1.5m a year to clear drains of fat

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