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Science faculty's 'eureka' moment
Science faculty winners
The syndicate intend to keep working and playing the lottery
A science faculty at a Devon university has been concentrating on numbers after a win on the lotto triple roll-over.

The group of 18 from the University of Plymouth found the right chemistry when they formed a syndicate in 1994 when the National Lottery began.

The syndicate collected a cheque for 8.8m - giving each member a 490,541 share of the winnings.

It was the lottery's third triple roll-over and the jackpot was shared with an anonymous ticket-holder.

Susan Haley, the science syndicate's manager, only realised they had won when she went to renew the numbers for the next week and was told by her newsagent in Saltash.

Most of them thought it was a wind-up
Susan Haley, syndicate leader

The 44-year-old had been away and had not remembered to check the prize draw.

"I was shocked when I found out the ticket was a winning one," she said. "This is the size of win we had always dreamed of. I rushed home and started calling everyone to let them know.

"Most of them thought it was a wind-up - it took a while to convince them that we had won more than 8m."

Three members of the syndicate have opted to remain anonymous, but all 18 members said they intended to stay in their jobs and continue to play the lottery.

Holiday plans

Now instead of solving complicated scientific formulae, the happy winners are trying to work out what to do with their winnings.

Some are planning luxury holidays to Mexico and the Caribbean while others are looking at new cars.

The syndicate members happy to be identified with Ms Haley are: Barbara Hesp, Jayne Brenen, Amanda Serpell, Lynne Higman, Jan Wood, Pat Shepperd, Chris Barrett, Sufia Conway, Tracey Menyena, Nicola Carter, Hilary Williams, Ciara Caleshu, Ali Perry and Sue Swiggs.

The winning numbers on 3 November's draw were: 3, 10, 22, 25, 31, 49, and the bonus ball was 4.

In August, a man from Cornwall won nearly 1m with two separate tickets for the same lotto draw, while a fish-and-chip shop waitress from St Ives won 1m on a scratch card.

Members of the syndicate talk about their winnings

'Scratch of the day' secures win
26 Oct 07 |  Cornwall

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