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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 November 2007, 14:26 GMT
Sighting of rare white deer calf
White red deer calf
It is not known yet whether this white calf is a stag or a hind
A white deer calf has been spotted in Devon, just weeks after local farmers were outraged by the killing of a white stag in the area.

The body of the white stag - thought to have been the only one living wild in Britain - was found hanging in a yard.

Warrener Pat Carey called the white stag Snowy and was distraught at the thought that someone had killed him.

He hopes the sighting of the pure white calf means the rare stag was able to pass on its unusual genes.

'Buttons on head'

Speaking about the night he discovered and filmed the white deer calf, Mr Carey said: "Anybody that had been there with me that night would have just felt they were in magic land.

"The only way to explain it, is like it's been washed in Persil. It was so, so white."

Mr Carey added: "I'm just hoping and praying it's a stag calf, I'm 95% sure it is but I'll know for sure next summer when it's got little buttons on its head.

"But we've got a white one whatever it is and we might be able to start all over again."

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