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Scoot-A-Long challenge completed
Geoff West, John Seamons and John Duckworth (l to r) celebrate journey's end
The team said the public's support helped keep them going
Five disabled men from Devon have completed a 5,350-mile (8,610km) journey on a mobility scooter.

The intrepid Scoot-A-Long team took 117 days to travel clockwise around the UK, travelling at an average of 8mph.

Despite having to cope with one of the wettest summers since records began, enough money has been raised to buy two all-terrain scooters.

The scooters will enable physically disabled people to enjoy trips on moorland and uneven terrains.

The charity's long-term goal is to raise enough money to buy six new scooters, which cost about 5,000 each.

It was very scary at times sitting at 8mph with traffic whizzing by at 60, 70 or 80mph
John Seamons

In 2004 Scoot-A-Long set a Guinness world record by travelling around the UK coastline anti-clockwise.

This year the clockwise route completed by John Duckworth, Geoff West, Simon Parrott, John Seamons and Jason Uren, covered a greater distance by including coastal roads avoided before.

Mr Seamons said it was an experience he would not have missed for the world.

"It was very scary at times sitting at 8mph with traffic whizzing by at 60, 70 or 80mph," he told BBC News.

"But we all got on well together and the public support was amazing, with people waving, cheering and tooting as we went past."

John Seamons (seated) and John Duckworth
The scooter was specially adapted for the epic journey

Dorset Police provided the team with an escort as they left Poole on the way to Wareham in Hampshire.

"Initially the police were concerned with the legality of the scooter," Mr Seamons said.

"But once they'd established we were fine, they gave us a rolling blockade out of town."

The Horizon scooter, which was specially adapted for the trip, stood up well to the challenge.

When Mr West was in the driving seat in Scotland there was a "slight disagreement" with a Ford Escort.

"The scooter had a minor dent, while the Escort lost its bumper," said Mr Seamons.

The team has not completely decided on its next challenge, but under discussion is an attempt to travel non-stop from John O'Groats to Land's End and back to John O'Groats.

Men prepare for scooter challenge
05 Feb 07 |  Cornwall

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