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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 19:55 GMT 20:55 UK
Devon town declares bombs safe
Bomb disposal team
A Devon town has been declared safe by bomb disposal experts after workmen found explosives buried by a wall.

A number of residents in South Molton were told they would possibly have to leave their homes for the night.

Workers digging in New Road discovered the World War II explosives and part of the town was then cordoned off by police.

Hand grenades, ammunition and canisters labelled poison were found at the site.

An exclusion zone will remain around the area overnight.

About a dozen residents from Brook meadow were taken to the nearby leisure centre, while bomb disposal officers investigated the explosives.

The town's East Street at the junction with New Road is closed until Wednesday morning.

The ammunition, including three hand grenades and a quantity of rifle ammunition, were found near the wall.

Specialist officers will diffuse the ammunition tomorrow.

WWII mortar bombs are detonated
05 Apr 07 |  Bristol/Somerset

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