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Superyacht 'Eos' arrives in Devon
Superyacht Eos
Picture courtesy of Dave Cawley www.dartmouth.tv
The world's largest private yacht, owned by an American millionaire, is in a south Devon harbour.

The Eos is more than 90m (about 300 ft) long and is owned by a recluse in the film business.

Built by a German shipyard, the superyacht will be spending three to four days in Dartmouth harbour.

The three-masted schooner is bigger than most passenger ships and is the first thing people will see if they drive in from Dartmouth or Kingswear.

Spectacular sight

David White, Dartmouth Harbourmaster said: "She is one of the most spectacular craft you will ever see.

"The sheer height of the masts is something you will see nowhere else in the world."

The vessel has made the trip from the Mediterranean, via Gibraltar, before heading to the German yard, where she will undergo a refit.

Named after the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn, the vessel boasts some special features including a glass staircase and panoramic views across the stern.

This is the second time the Eos has visited Dartmouth.

She was there a year ago on her maiden voyage.


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