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Last Updated: Monday, 13 August 2007, 20:33 GMT 21:33 UK
MSC Napoli bow arrives in Belfast
MSC Napoli: Picture Kit Woodcock
The bow is expected to be taken to the shipyard this week
Half of the stricken cargo ship MSC Napoli has arrived in Belfast for recycling after a five-day journey.

The ship, beached off Devon since January, was split in two after a series of explosions last month.

The bow was towed to a holding point outside Belfast harbour ahead of being taken to Harland and Wolff shipyard where it will be broken up for scrap.

The stern of the ship and the accommodation block remain grounded about one mile off Sidmouth.

Harland and Wolff expects to receive the ship's bow later this week.

Removal of stern

The vessel was split cleanly after a series of explosions carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Ministry of Defence in July.

An MCA spokesman said contracts were now under discussion for the final removal of the stern.

It could either be broken up at its current location or lifted onto a larger vessel with cranes and taken away.

The MSC Napoli was damaged in storms while sailing from Antwerp to South Africa.

The 62,000-ton vessel was carrying about 2,300 containers, of which about 100 went overboard and 58 were washed ashore, leading to a scavenging and looting spree.

The salvage operation has cost more than 50m.


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