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Memory lapse man wins Lotto twice
Lottery winners Derek and Dawn Ladner
The couple will contemplate their winnings on a two-week holiday
A man from Cornwall won an extra share of the 2.5m Lotto jackpot - after he bought two tickets with the same numbers.

Derek Ladner, 59, from Redruth, Cornwall, bought a ticket after forgetting he already had one, meaning he had two wins for the same draw.

He and his wife Dawn, 60, reaped the rewards on Wednesday after being presented with a cheque for 958,284.

It is the first time the same person has won twice in the same draw.

The lucky numbers on both tickets for the draw on 11 July were 3, 9, 10, 12, 46 and 47.

A Camelot spokesman said: "It must have been a huge and happy surprise."

I kept telling him he'd got it wrong and to check it again
Dawn Ledner

Two days after the draw was made, on Friday 13 July, delivery driver Mr Ladner claimed his 479,142 share of the 2.5m jackpot.

It was not until a week later he remembered he had bought another ticket with the same numbers for the same draw.

Mrs Ladner said it took her husband a little while to convince her they had hit a double jackpot.

Lightening strike

"I just couldn't believe it - I kept telling him he'd got it wrong and to check it again," she said.

The couple plan to have a holiday to give themselves time to contemplate what they will do with the money.

Mr Ladner is planning to give up work so he can spend more time on his favourite hobby of playing bowls.

He said they will continue to play the lottery - keeping the same numbers.

"They say lightning never strikes twice but it did, so perhaps it'll strike three times," he added.

Derek Ladner forgot about the extra ticket for a week

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