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'No magic secret' to wedded bliss
Anita and Frank Milford
The couple insist give and take is the key to a happy marriage
A Devon couple preparing to celebrate their 79th wedding anniversary say there is no magic secret to their success - just give and take.

Frank and Anita Milford met at a YMCA dance in Plymouth in 1926 and were married on 26 May 1928.

The couple, who now live in a nursing home in the Crownhill area of the city, are looking forward to a "surprise" family celebration on Saturday.

"You fall out and you fall in, but you keep going," said Mr Milford, 99.

The couple, who have two children and four grandchildren, told BBC News they have had too many good times to single out particular highlights in their marriage, but they have also had their fair share of arguments.

I don't believe people who say they've never had an angry word
Anita Milford

"Everyone does and it clears the air," 98-year-old Mrs Milford said.

"I don't believe people who say they've never had an angry word."

One of the difficult times was during World War II when their son and daughter were part of the evacuation.

Daughter Marie was sent to Tiverton, while Frank junior was sent to a farm near Holsworthy.

Birthday celebration

On a visit to see a homesick seven-year-old Frank, Mr and Mrs Milford received a telephone call from a neighbour, telling them a German bomb had landed on their house.

"We were lucky though because no-one was hurt," Mrs Milford said.

"The bomb dropped on the roof, then went straight through all the floorboards.

"You just had to get on and make the best of it."

The couple are now looking forward to their next celebration - Mr Milford's 100th birthday on 29 January.


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