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Residents back after bomb found
Prince Rock residents
Prince Rock residents were unable to return home from work
Some 1,000 residents evacuated from their homes in a Devon city after a 500lb (227kg) bomb was found have returned to their homes.

They were in the 100m (328ft) radius of a building site in Prince Rock, Plymouth where workers uncovered the bomb at 1800 BST on Tuesday.

They returned to their homes at 0100 BST the following day.

Bomb disposal teams took the device out to sea where they carried out a controlled explosion on Wednesday.

'Everybody helpful'

There were scenes of confusion in Prince Rock on Tuesday night as residents returning home from work found they could not go anywhere near their homes.

Some of the evacuees took refuge in the Friary Vaults members bar, where proprietor Sue Aston said: "We are right on the edge of the evacuation area, and a lot of the people are our members anyway.

"But tonight we are letting in people whether they are members or not."

One elderly woman said: "I went through the Blitz and this reminds me of the war.

"Everybody has been very helpful and friendly."

Plymouth was targeted by German raids because of its importance as a major naval port.

The dockyard area around Devonport, as well as the city centre, were badly hit by bombing.

The site where the bomb was found

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