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Detainee's family 'worried sick'
Maggie Phillips
Maggie Phillips told her younger brother to keep out of trouble
The sister of one of the 15 Royal Navy detainees in Iran has spoken of her relief at seeing pictures of her brother shown on television.

Previously unseen images of some of the crew, based on HMS Cornwall, were aired but their voices could not be heard.

Maggie Phillips, of Plymouth, was one of Arthur Batchelor's three sisters waiting for news of the captured crew.

She told BBC News: "It was awful. I didn't know whether he was alright, or if anything was wrong or he was hurt."

After images were aired on Monday, Ms Phillips said her 20-year-old brother looked "tired but fine".

"It was quite a relief to see him. It gave us a bit more reassurance that he was fine.

"It has been terrible. It was hard to imagine that he was there. We have been worried sick."

Arthur Batchelor
Maggie Phillips said her brother looked "tired but fine"

Her brother had called each week since his deployment in January to chat about the family and his football team.

"The last thing I said to him was keep your head down and keep out of trouble," she said.

Ms Phillips said she dropped her phone when she heard he had been captured.

"I was quite frightened for him, I was just shocked.

"It has been really difficult just wondering what's going to happen next. From the navy's point of view they have done everything that they can and I am sure they will do everything they can.

"We are just hoping now that things will be settled and sorted and that we can see him because we really, really want to see him now.

"I just want him back and things to carry on as they were."

The sister of one of the crew members on her ordeal

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