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More support for warship petition
HMS Plymouth
HMS Plymouth was decommissioned in 1988
A campaign to save a Falklands warship from the scrapyard and bring it to Plymouth has attracted more than 1,500 signatures on a government website.

Campaigners want to bring HMS Plymouth back to her namesake city for use as a visitor attraction.

But there have been problems finding a suitable berth for the vessel.

The campaign is also being supported by several senior navy officers who say the ship should be kept in the public eye for her service.

The HMS Plymouth Association wants the ship brought to Plymouth for the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict.

The Type-12, Rothesay class anti-submarine frigate played a major part in the Falklands conflict and survived several direct hits from Argentine aircraft.

Berth talks

Campaigners are in talks about a possible berth in the city at an as yet undisclosed location after the offer of a berth at Millbay Docks was withdrawn.

At the weekend in a letter to a national newspaper, the vessel's commanding officer during the Falklands conflict, Capt David Pentreath, said the ship should not be allowed to fade from the public eye for want of a berth.

The letter was co-signed by four senior officers from the Falklands.

They included: Capt Michael Clapp, commander of the Amphibious Task Group in 1982; Vice Admiral Sir John Coward, commanding officer of HMS Brilliant; Admiral Sir Jeremy Black, commanding officer of HMS Invincible, and Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward, commanding officer of the Falklands Carrier Battle Group.

HMS Plymouth was built at Devonport Dockyard and launched in July 1959. It was decommissioned in 1988 after almost 30 years in service.

The ship is currently moored at Birkenhead on Merseyside.

When it was put on display in at Plymouth's Millbay Docks in 1989, it attracted 88,000 visitors.

The petition is on the government's Downing Street website.



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