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House sale is a grave undertaking
Old Oaks Lodge Plymouth
The house was built in 1848
A Grade-II listed detached house in the grounds of a Devon graveyard has come up for sale.

Old Oaks Lodge, in Plymouth's Ford Park Cemetery, is on the market for 160,000.

More than 250,000 people are buried in the cemetery and it is estimated that there is room for 10,000 more graves.

The lodge was built with the cemetery in 1848. It belonged to the gatekeeper and the lower ground floor was used for making wreaths.

Dave Wickett, 53, head groundsman for the Ford Park Cemetery Trust, lived in the Gothic-style house for 10 years before selling it four years ago.

I felt much safer there than I would have in many other parts of Plymouth
Dave Wickett

"The fact it was in the cemetery didn't bother me in the least," he said.

"I felt much safer there than I would have in many other parts of Plymouth, it wasn't at all creepy, I always felt very comfortable there."

He says "in an ideal world" he would love the trust to be able to buy the five-bedroom property back.

"Failing that though I hope it's bought by someone who is interested in the history of the place and who won't mind people constantly knocking on the door with queries about the cemetery."

The property, which boasts vaulted ceilings, is now in need of major refurbishment and restructuring.

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