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Yachtsman dies in storm tragedy
Steve Hobley
Steve Hobley was washed overboard without a survival suit
A Devon man has died in a boating tragedy 200 miles off the coast of Bermuda, it has emerged.

Steve Hobley, 50, was the skipper of a catamaran he was delivering from France to the USA when it was caught up in storms on Monday.

Father-of-two Mr Hobley, from Newton Abbot, made a Mayday call but the catamaran overturned and he was washed overboard without a survival suit.

Two other crewmen were saved after nine hours clinging to the upturned hull.

Mr Hobley had been sailing since 1974 and had started delivering yachts across the Atlantic a year ago.

His mother Ann said: "Steve loved what he had been doing.

"He always said he did not want to get old.

"It is a comfort that he died doing what he wanted to do."

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