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Wolf recaptured after park escape
Wolves are "cowardly scavengers", park owner Ben Mee said
A wolf has been recaptured after escaping from a Devon wildlife park.

Parker, one of seven wolves at Dartmoor Wildlife Park, was sedated by police and keepers with a dart after being cornered in a quarry near Lutton.

The alarm was raised earlier when a woman saw the wolf in the road, about two miles from the park.

The park is investigating how the wolf got out, but he is thought to have climbed over the fence. It is the second time he has escaped.

'No threat'

Armed police were called as a precaution and roads from Lutton to Sparkwell and Cornwood were closed.

The animal has now been transported back to the park in a crate.

They are cowardly scavengers and would only retaliate if cornered
Ben Mee

Park owner Ben Mee told BBC News: "We believe he climbed up a tree which was in his enclosure.

"We understand the remaining wolves are fully contained.

"He never really was a threat. He runs away basically. Amazingly we have been able to track him over two miles with the help of the police.

"They are cowardly scavengers and would only retaliate if cornered."

The wolf had escaped several years ago, before the new owners took over the park.

"He was found near the pub and one of the keepers caught him by the neck and put him in the van," said Mr Mee, who bought the park last year with his brother Duncan.

"If I saw him I would do the same."

The park, which currently does not have a public licence, is home to hundreds of exotic animals, including tigers and lions.

A Jaguar big cat found its way out of its pen and into a tigers' enclosure in October last year, four days after the Mee brothers arrived.

Mr Mee said: "I think they are unfortunate incidents. They do happen rather a lot generally."



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