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Last Updated: Friday, 2 February 2007, 14:25 GMT
School closed in 'flea' outbreak
A Devon school has been closed while an outbreak of what is thought to be fleas is dealt with.

St Luke's Science and Sports College, which was opened in Exeter last year, will be closed until Monday while the building is fumigated.

The college website said there was a limited minor infestation in some parts of the college by "some type of small biting insect".

The college will be "completely cleansed" and open as normal on Monday.

"The numbers of students affected are very small," said the site.

"Having taken advice from the NHS, we have been assured there is no risk to anyone's health."

College deputy head teacher Julie Phelan said the school was being closed because chemicals used in the fumigation needed time to settle, not because the insects were dangerous.

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