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Damaged hull of Napoli examined
MSC Napoli
Naval architects will study the results of the two-day inspection
Divers have begun to examine the hull of the MSC Napoli which was refloated nearly six months after it was grounded off the south Devon coast.

The 62,000-ton vessel floated free a mile off Sidmouth after 58,000 tons of water was pumped from her holds in a major operation on Monday morning.

The two-day inspection is being carried out by a team of 20 divers in deep water to assess cracks to its hull.

The vessel carrying 2,300 containers was damaged in a storm in January.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said the decision about the Napoli's future would not be taken hastily.

Spokesman Fred Caygill said: "The dive survey is taking place today and tomorrow, then the results will be computed by naval architects.

"That could take up to a week and then all the government departments involved will have to agree what to do next."

The MCA refloated the vessel to prevent further deterioration in the structure of the ship and to prevent further damage to the environment.

About 1,900 seabirds along the coast were affected after 200 tons of oil leaked from the vessel soon after grounding.

The cracks in the side of her hull were temporarily repaired while the cargo was removed over several months.

More than 100 containers went overboard and 58 were washed ashore, leading to a scavenging and looting spree.

Refloating of the Napoli
MSC Napoli: On Monday, 58,000 tons of water pumped out. More than 2,000 containers and about 4,000 tons fuel already removed
Big Foot Barge: Winches/cranes used to lift Napoli from seabed
Lead tug: Helped turn Napoli and tow it to new position for checks
Anti-pollution/support vessels: Dispersant carried by vessels, to tackle remaining pollutants. Supported by spotter planes looking for pollution. Steering tug, workboats and crew boat also present
Hull damage: Divers will inspect bottom of hull following refloat. Damage to be assessed and decision on moving Napoli to be taken

The ship still has to be made completely secure


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