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Horse sleeps under Christmas tree
The 17-hand stallion used to have behavioural problems

A skilled equine psychologist says she has trained her horse to curl up under a Christmas tree in her living room for a series of festive cards.

Emma Massingale, 24, from Bradworthy in west Devon, convinced Tom, a 17-hand black stallion, to become a model.

Other photographs in the festive series include a foal wrapped in a blanket as the baby Jesus, surrounded by three adult horses as the Three Wise Men.

"I can't believe the amount of interest I've had," she said.

'Very dangerous'

"It was just an idea I had to raise awareness of my business. I've already had thousands of orders."

Ms Massingale has been an equine psychologist who retrains problem horses for six years.

Tom, the cover model in the cards, was sent to her 18 months ago by his owner, an 11-year-old girl.

"He was very dangerous before - he used to buck her off - but now he competes in one-day events and has won local competitions," she said.

All money raised from the Christmas cards will go to Brooke, a welfare charity that cares for retired horses abroad.

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