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Honour for 'inspirational' Milly
Milly and mum Gaynor
Milly will receive her award at Westminster Abbey
An eight-year-old Exeter girl whose father died this year has been nominated for a Children of Courage award for her work to help others.

Milly Bell's father Simon died earlier this year from a brain tumour aged 37, and during his illness she wrote an activity book called My Daddy is Dying.

Aimed at helping other young people the book is set to be published by Exeter-based cancer charity Force.

Milly will receive her award at Westminster Abbey later this month.

'An inspiration'

Milly, who helped look after her father following his diagnosis two years ago, says her book is meant to help children going through the same thing cheer themselves up.

"I felt incredibly sad because I thought this is going to be really hard to look at," said Milly's mother Gaynor.

"But turning the pages and seeing it was just such a positive book of how to help other children with fun activities and how to express themselves - it was just amazing."

On 13 December Milly will have breakfast at Downing Street with Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie.

Then it will be on to the award ceremony at Westminster Abbey and a reception at the House of Lords.

Dave Broad, her teacher at Exeter's Ladysmith Junior School, said : "The whole school is proud of her, we've talked about it a lot in class.

"You can see how she would be an inspiration other children."

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