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Wheels give Mollie a dog's life
Mollie the Rottweiler
Mollie is only able to crawl without the wheels
A dog who was so mistreated that her muscles wasted away and she could no longer walk has found a new lease of life in Devon.

Three-year-old Rottweiler Mollie was saved by the RSPCA after being abandoned last year in Yorkshire.

When she was unable to regain the use of her back legs, RSPCA fundraisers got her a wheeled buggy to wear.

Mollie has now found a new home in Silverton with a couple who already have another Rottweiler.

It gives her the freedom to go where she wants, when she wants
Janet Rice
Mollie was found abandoned with her back legs emaciated and unable to walk and is only able to crawl without the wheels.

Janet Rice's husband read about Mollie's plight when he was in Yorkshire on business and knew immediately his wife would want to help.

RSPCA fundraiser bought the special chariot she needs to walk and Mrs Rice said it has changed Mollie's life.

"It's given her 100% more freedom then she had," said Mrs Rice.

"She couldn't go out and exert some energy, it gives her the freedom to go where she wants, when she wants."

See Mollie using her wheeled buggy

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