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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 21:08 GMT
Lecturer breaks fireworks record
Plymouth fireworks

Plymouth "rocket man" Roy Lowry has been confirmed as a record breaker after sending almost 57,000 fireworks shooting into the sky.

The university lecturer fired the rockets at the National Fireworks Championships in the city in August.

Guinness say that puts him in their book for the largest number of rockets launched simultaneously.

Dr Lowry said: "I am really pleased, not least for all those people who helped load the rockets."

Dr Lowry, a teaching fellow at the university's School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences, was given the 56,649 rockets by Black Cat Ltd and they were loaded into specially made frames and fused by Fantastic Fireworks.

Fifteen specially-constructed frames laced with pyrotechnic fuses were ignited electronically to challenge the previous tally of 39,210 rockets set by Terry McDonald in the Channel Island of Jersey in 1997.

Dr Lowry said he was thrilled to have the record confirmed and had been given a "rather impressive looking" certificate.

"It was mixture of excitement and relief," he said.

"We had about 50 people helping, it was a minor army that put it together to make it work."

The record bid took over a year to create and used 250 kilos of gunpowder, the equivalent of a tonne of fireworks.



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