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Shark takes anglers by surprise
Mako shark, Noaa
Mako sharks have been known to attack humans
A dangerous Mako shark broke an angler's line, leapt out of the water and disappeared back into the sea after being caught off the Cornwall coast.

The 10ft (3m) fish swam away so fast it snapped the 10lb (4.5kg) fishing line, fisherman Mike Duckett, 70, said.

He was fishing 200 yards off the breakwater on the Cornwall side of Plymouth Sound when he saw the shark leap from the water after being hooked.

The former navy sailor said the shark "went off like an express train".

'Never worried'

Mr Duckett, and friend Tony Vallack, 67, both from Plymouth, were fishing a mile off Cawsand Bay in a 14ft (4.3m) dinghy when the shark came into view.

Mr Duckett said: "I saw a fin come out of the water just before I hooked the fish and I knew straight away it was pretty big.

"It went off like an express train or a juggernaut and I could not do anything to stop it.

We would never have landed it because it would have been too big for the boat
Angler Mike Duckett

"I had it on the line for four or five minutes but I needed a miracle to catch it because I was using a light rod and line and hoping to catch bass or Pollack.

"Even if I had caught it we would never have landed it because it would have been too big for the boat.

"I was never worried about our safety because I have hooked sharks before when I was in the Royal Navy and I did not feel there was any real danger."

Makos are among the fastest species of shark and can reach speeds of 30mph (48kmph) and jump 20ft (6m) out of the water.

Recently surfers and swimmers have been told not to be worried by blue sharks off the south west coast, with the Plymouth-based Shark Trust saying they are regular summer visitors who have never attacked humans in British waters.

But Mako sharks and bull sharks, which have also been spotted, have been known to attack people.

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