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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 19:01 GMT 20:01 UK
Cat is driven 40 miles under car
Eden Project
Annie the cat was found near the Eden Project's visitors' centre
A cat who was trapped under a car and driven 40 miles (64km) away has been reunited with its owner after being missing for four days.

Gina Mayhew's cat, Annie, managed to get caught under a car near her home and was taken to the Eden Project.

Ms Mayhew went to the site in Cornwall after being alerted to a possible sighting of the cat.

The missing moggie was found in good health near the visitors' centre after a search by staff.

Gina Mayhew had spent two days searching for the cat and had sent leaflets to her neighbours.

This prompted a local family to contact her about relatives who had recently been to the Eden Project but en-route had heard meowing coming from underneath the car.

Paws not burnt

On arrival the family checked beneath the car and a cat shot out from underneath.

Ms Mayhew contacted staff at the Eden Project and after a search of the premises Annie was located near the visitors' centre.

Ms Mayhew said: "She was very nervous and had lost weight, but was absolutely fine. There were no burns on her paws or broken bones, but she's done a lot of sleeping since she's been home."

Eden Project spokesman David Rowe said: "It's all part of the service. We were delighted to help reunite Gina and Annie after her unscheduled holiday."

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