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Last Updated: Sunday, 21 May 2006, 13:57 GMT 14:57 UK
Homes needed for abandoned dogs
Five sibling lurcher pups at the RSPC centre in Cornwall
There are 11 lurchers looking for new owners
Animal rescue groups in Devon and Cornwall are desperately trying to find good homes for a large number of lurcher dogs.

The RSPCA at St Columb in Cornwall and the Blue Cross animal centre near Tiverton in Devon have been inundated with the animals.

The Tiverton adoption centre says it is unusual to have so many of the breed in at once.

All the animals to be re-homed have been microchipped, neutered and


All the dogs are in good health and are very friendly
Damian Harrison, Blue Cross Tiverton

Five of the seven dogs at St Columb are six-month-old siblings who have been looked after at the RSPCA centre since they were brought in when they were about 14 weeks.

The puppies, named Heinz, Henry, Champ, Nelson and Flo were emaciated and suffering from skin mange.

Supervisor Claire Martin said it was touch and go whether they could be saved, but they have fully recovered.

"We are looking to re-home them individually or to live with other dogs", Ms Martin said.

"They will need patient owners who are committed to giving them the best attention they need and further training."

Feline friction

The Blue Cross centre in Tiverton has four lurchers for re-homing.

Manager Damian Harrison says Brandy, George, Larry and Damson would be just as content lounging in front of a fire as running about in the countryside.

He said they get on with other dogs, but could not live with cats.

Mr Harrison said: "We would love to find homes for them quickly as the breed do not enjoy kennel life.

"Larry is deaf, but all the dogs are in good health and are very friendly."

Anyone interested in offering a home to one of the dogs, should contact the RSPCA Venton Animal Centre or the Blue Cross Adoption Centre


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