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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 19:34 GMT 20:34 UK
Council's designs cause logo row
Devon County Council coat of arms
The current council coat of arms bears the motto of Sir Francis Drake
A Devon council has been criticised for plans to spend thousands of pounds designing a new logo.

The plans, which could cost up to 6,000, come at a time when Devon County Council is proposing cuts in jobs and services.

Critics have branded the exercise a waste of money.

The council said the simpler design, featuring a pair of leaves to replace the current coat of arms, would save more than 3,000 a year.

Drake motto

The coat of arms features the Latin motto of seafarer Sir Francis Drake: auxilio divino, which means "by divine aid".

But the council said the new logo would reflect its new greener image and also save council tax-payers' money.

Peter Doyle, of the council, said: "Currently, the council's full-colour crest costs us quite a lot of money to reproduce.

"By using this new simple logo we can save 3,200 a year."

But the decision to replace the crest has been branded a money-wasting exercise, especially as the council said in February it was raising council tax by 4.9% because it was facing a 15m shortfall in its budget.

Albert Venison of the Devon Pensioners' Action Forum said: "It's absolutely incredible that we have these sorts of people who are supposed to be looking after the cares and worries of older people, talking about having a new logo.

"I can tell you the sort of logo I'd like: one with a picture of two hands being held up in horror, saying: '"What are they going to do next?'."

The new logo is due to be unveiled in April.


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