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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 13:30 GMT
Bollywood descends on north Devon
Filming for Nenjil Jil Jil in Woolacombe
The 30-strong cast and crew braved the cold weather
A north Devon holiday park has been the unlikely setting for the filming of a new Bollywood blockbuster.

The park in Woolacombe has been the location for the film Nenjil Jil Jil for the past few days.

The film is about a group of people who win a two-week holiday to Britain and is part comedy, part love story.

Woolacombe is the main British location for the film, but the 30-strong cast and crew will also be visiting Weymouth, Bath and London.

Leading man, Navdeep Ballabolu, said he has been enjoying the filming, despite the cold weather.

"Where I live in India it never goes below 25 or 30 degrees," he said.

"And here it is about zero degrees, so it is really, really cold for us.

"But it's only once in a lifetime we can experience this, so it's fun."

The filming has taken place around the holiday park and at nearby sites the producers hope will show off the best of the South West landscape.

Filming for Nenjil Jil Jil in Woolacombe
Filming will also take place in Weymouth, Bath and London

Producer Manish Nair said everyone in Woolacombe had been very co-operative and friendly and it had been a great location.

"In Woolacombe we have everything in one spot, it is very scenic," he said.

"You can see the valleys and the sea, the place is amazing."

He said caravan parks were a new concept to Indian audiences and Golden Coast Holiday Village's marketing manager Ali Woolfenden said it was a unique opportunity to show the park to a whole new market.

"It reaches a market we wouldn't otherwise have reached and to bring awareness of our caravan park to India is just fantastic," she said.

"It's extremely quiet at this time of year, they've slotted in well and it's been delightful to have them here."

The film is due to be released in May.

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