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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 May 2006, 16:53 GMT 17:53 UK
Young moor trekkers cross finish
Youngsters taking part in last year's Ten Tors
The challenge included an overnight camp for the teams
Hundreds of teams have successfully completed the 46th Ten Tors Challenge on Dartmoor in Devon.

About 2,400 people took part in the main event on courses of up to 55 miles, with a further 250 taking part in the disabled contest.

The 400 teams set off on Saturday with their own food, water, tents and rubbish bags. They had an overnight camp in the 365sq-mile wilderness.

The first team back on Sunday morning was from a school in Cambridgeshire.

'Sense of achievement'

Depending on age, the teams in the main event set off from Okehampton Camp to complete distances of between 35 and 55 miles (56 and 89km), while disabled contestants worked on the 15-mile (24km) Jubilee Challenge.

The youngsters had been training for the challenge for several months and team leaders attended a special weekend course aimed at illustrating the type of problems that they faced.

Ten Tors began in 1960, when three Army officers organised an event which attracted just 203 boys and girls.

David Harris, from the Army, said it was a worthwhile adventure for the teams.

He said: "These wonderful boys and girls have a sense of achievement as they show their determination to pit themselves against the vagaries of the Dartmoor climate.

"The business of getting back is proof enough that they have achieved something very great in life, and, of course, that stays with them for a long time."

More than 700 volunteers helped to ensure that the event passed off without any major incidents.


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