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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 13:56 GMT
Design may be homeowners' choice
Mr Blackwell hopes his new machine will banish washday blues
A new machine which washes, dries and irons clothes could clean up for a Devon student.

Oliver Blackwell, who designed the WashDryIron, is exhibiting the machine at next month's Ideal Home Show.

The University of Plymouth graduate hopes the machine will become an object of desire because it saves about 10 days a year in ironing time.

"A friend's father said he wouldn't have got married if I'd come up with this sooner," said Mr Blackwell.

The 23-year-old student's innovative idea was thought up for his final degree project.

It's simple, but it works and the real beauty is the ironing time it saves
Oliver Blackwell, WashDryIron designer

He told BBC News: "There are thousands of exceptional students out there and I knew I had to come up with a damn good product idea to pass my finals.

"A washing machine seemed quite obvious and almost everyone uses one."

The machine washes, dries and irons clothes in separate compartments and is said to eliminate colour runs, shrinkage and ironing.

It can tackle up to 16 items at a time, including king-size bed sheets.

Because hangers are used, they do not become entangled and have 83% fewer creases, according to the designer. The items are then dried and ironed by hot air blown across them.

Oliver Blackwell: WashDryIron designer
The designer hopes a major manufacturer will now get involved

The designer claims another major benefit of the separate compartments is that muddy sports gear can be washed at the same time, but at a different temperature to delicate fabrics.

Mr Blackwell said he expected the WashDryIron to retail at about 800 to 900.

"There's been a huge amount of interest shown in my design, but what I really need next is for a major manufacturer to get involved with some investment to develop it further.

"It's simple, but it works and the real beauty is the ironing time it saves. I can't see many people arguing with that."

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