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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 February 2006, 12:02 GMT
Postwoman pleads guilty to theft
Lisa Harvey
The relief postal worker kept mail at her house over six years
A Devon postwoman has pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of postal packets.

Lisa Harvey, 31, of Penlee Place, Plymouth, admitted taking more than 8,200 letters and parcels between 1999 and 2005.

At Plymouth Crown Court she also admitted two charges of delaying mail including child welfare payments.

A Royal Mail investigation was held after post was delivered years late. Harvey's sentence was adjourned until 9 March for pre-sentence reports.

Judge Paul Darlow said that all sentencing options "would be kept open".

The relief postwoman had stored the mail at her house over a period of six years.

Although most of the stolen post was junk mail, there were also bills, tax certificates and credit card details.

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