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Last Updated: Friday, 15 July, 2005, 22:31 GMT 23:31 UK
New law sparks fly tipping threat
Fly tipping
The Environment Agency will be tough on those who flout the law
New waste regulations mean Devon businesses will have to take their hazardous waste outside the county.

The law, which comes in on Saturday classifies items such as televisions as hazardous, but there are only a few disposal sites in the country.

This will result in extra costs for businesses who face thousands of pounds in fines if they fail to comply.

The Environment Agency has admitted there is a risk some companies will fly tip their waste to avoid the new law.

Spokesman Kevin Ward said people should remember the regulations are for the benefit of the environment.

He said: "The cost may go up, but the Environment Agency will be tough on businesses who flout the law and dispose of these items in the wrong way."

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16 Sep 04 |  Gloucestershire

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