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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 15:55 GMT
Windfarm plan refused by council
Den Brook Valley
RES says Den Brook is an excellent site for a windfarm
Plans to build nine wind turbines in Devon have been turned down.

The 120m (394ft) structures were planned for land at Den Brook, but West Devon Borough Council received nearly 3,000 letters of objection.

Stephen Gill, a council planning officer, said the main reason for refusing the application was the impact of the turbines on the landscape.

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) said it is "highly likely" the company would appeal against the council's decision.

It gives very little justification to the applicants to continue
Maureen Thomson, campaigner

RES spokeswoman Rachel Ruffle told BBC News: "We feel very disappointed because the recommendation downplayed the benefits of the project.

"It would have generated green energy for more than 10,000 people from an indigenous energy resource.

"If people are worried about climate change and fuel shortages, this would have done something about the problem."

But the Den Brook Valley Wind Turbine Action Group said it welcomed the council's rejection of the application.

Chairman Maureen Thomson believes the debate was well balanced, fair and covered all the points.

"I'm delighted and I feel it gives very little justification to the applicants to continue with the process," she said.

"Of course they have three months to appeal, but I hope they take into account the huge body of opinion. It's totally wrong for the area."

Chris Shears, director of RES UK, said there was no other site in Devon which was better suited to its plan.

"We'll go away and reflect, but we still believe this is an excellent site for a wind farm.

"It's highly likely we will appeal this decision."


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