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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 14:32 GMT
Roads see 25% increase in deaths
The number of deaths on Devon's roads has gone up, according to new figures.

Forty-seven people died in 2005, compared with 37 in 2004, up more than 25%. The majority happened on A roads.

According to analysis by Devon County Council, which released the figures, most were because motorists failed to take bends on roads properly.

In many cases, speed was also a factor. The council said improvements would be made at seven sites to prevent further crashes in future.

No patterns

Of the people killed, 36 were male and 11 female. Two were teenagers, one a car passenger and one a pedestrian. Sixteen people died on motorcycles, 23 people in a car or van, two were pedal cyclists and six were pedestrians.

Council Road Safety Officer Peter Gimber said no clear patterns could be established from the locations, time of day or year of the accidents.

However, he added: "From initial analysis, it seems most accidents happened because drivers or motorcyclists failed to take bends.

"In many cases this involved excessive speed, but we are waiting for more detailed reports which may show if alcohol, drugs, a medical condition or fatigue also played a part.

"The second most frequent error was loss of control while overtaking, particularly by motorcyclists. The third was vehicles emerging from junctions with a motorcyclist usually the victim."

The council said it was worried by the increase in deaths, but said it would continue to work with the police to find ways of educating drivers and introducing new initiatives to improve safety.

Launch of bikers' safety campaign
30 Jan 06 |  Cornwall

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