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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 January 2006, 02:28 GMT
Attempt to round up roaming boar
Wild boar - generic

A major attempt to round up more than 60 boar running loose in Devon is due to get under way as the animals continue to damage gardens and crops.

About 100 boar were freed from a farm near the village of West Anstey last month, but 40-odd have been caught.

Dogs and people on foot and quad bikes are hoping to flush out the remaining animals at one end of a valley, and herd them back to their pens.

Police believe animal rights activists may have freed the animals.

Anthony Allibones, who is providing the dogs which will help round up the boar, said he did not know if they would succeed.

We're going to do one valley, but we're not even sure how many are in the valley
Anthony Allibones

"We've never, ever done it before, so it will be a trial job. We're hoping to flush them out of the covers.

"It's going to be a big job," Mr Allibones added.

Some of the boar have been shot and others have been killed on the road.

Mr Allibones was unsure how many boars they would encounter.

"We're going to do one valley, but we're not even sure how many are in the valley."

Two animals have been spotted 40 miles away near Plymouth after making the journey across Dartmoor.

Luck needed

Allan Dedames, who owns the Woodland Wild Boar Farm, said the boar were not dangerous unless cornered.

He has also employed the local hunt to help but stressed the hunt group would not harm the creatures when they saddle up on Wednesday morning.

He said: "There's no hunting going on. It's literally they're helping me to round up the animals."

The senior master of the Dulverton Farmers' Hunt, Susie Maund, said it was going to be difficult even to find the boar, adding: "We are going to need all the luck we can get.

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