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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2005, 17:30 GMT
Plymouth police trial new headcam
Head cam
Sgt Olly Foster models Plymouth police's latest weapon against crime
Police in Plymouth are to trial a tiny head-mounted camera which can record everything it sees.

The 1,500 headcam, which has been bought by the Plymouth Community Safety Partnership, has already been successfully used in London.

Police say the Cylon camera will be used mainly while officers patrol potential hotspots such as Union Street, Mutley and the city centre.

Police have ordered one so far but have not ruled out buying more.

Sgt Olly Tayler says the new camera should be in use by Christmas.

He said: "The message to the public is to enjoy yourselves but don't misbehave because you don't know when you may be caught on camera.
Head cam
The equipment Plymouth Police will use to target anti-social behaviour

"We've just been involved in the training of significant numbers of officers in using camcorders.

"The head-cams can be used in street light conditions.

"The intention is that the evidence will be filmed using Cylon and will be used in prosecutions and convictions."

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