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Mother's date appeal for daughter
Ms Adams' article in the North Devon Journal
Sabina said she was willing to go along with her mother's plan
A mother has launched a newspaper appeal urging men to write a 500-word essay on why they should be allowed to go out with her 24-year-old daughter.

Linda Adams, from Barnstaple, north Devon, started her appeal with the question: "Who wants to date my daughter?".

Single men aged between 24 and 30 are being invited to send in a picture to the North Devon Journal.

Ms Adams, 53, said she wanted daughter Sabina to get a partner she deserved.

'Brad Pitt lookalikes'

She insisted that she was not looking for a husband for her daughter, but just hoped to find someone she could celebrate Christmas with after spending the past few single.

Holistic therapy student Sabina, who lives with her six-year-old son in Barnstaple, said she wanted to meet someone with a good personality who would make her laugh and was also good with children.

Good looks were not the main requirement, she said. But the article does add that "Brad Pitt lookalikes will not be rejected out of hand".

Journal Deputy Editor Richard Best said about publishing the piece: "It seemed like a genuine request: a nice, light-hearted, fun story which might have a happy outcome."

"We'll have a look at the letters that come in, have a few put forward and go through them with Linda."

"She knows her daughter best, and Sabina is happy for her mum to be involved."

Sabina said: "Everyone is looking for the perfect partner, aren't they? And I am happy to go along with it for a laugh."

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