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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 April, 2005, 15:27 GMT 16:27 UK
Naval college looks back in time
Britannia Royal Naval College overlooking Dartmouth
More than 100 officers will pass out on Thursday
A time capsule laid 100 years ago by King Edward VII is to be opened as part of centenary celebrations at Britannia Royal Naval College in Devon.

The capsule was laid by the King in the stonework of the main door when the college in Dartmouth was built.

Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Michael Walker, will take the salute at the centenary Lord High Admiral's Divisions on Thursday.

A total of 90 officers will pass out at the ceremony.

A college spokesman said they had no idea what was in the capsule, which will be replaced by another "to take the college through the next 100 years".

Centenary events in the coming months include an exhibition at the college by marine artists, a young officers' regatta, and an open day.

A Britannia Wood will be planted in the college grounds as part of the national Battle of Trafalgar bicentennial celebrations.

A First Great Western train will also be named Britannia as part of the centenary celebrations.

Naval training first took place at Dartmouth in 1863 on two moored vessels before the Admiralty commissioned the purpose-built college.



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