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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 18:00 GMT
Two-womb mum has double baby joy
A Devon woman with two wombs beat medical odds by giving birth to two babies at the same time.

Claire Miles, 35, from Exeter, was told by doctors the chances of her having a child were extremely slim when she learned she had two half-sized wombs.

The condition affects about one in a million women.

But she became pregnant within a month of marrying her husband David, 34, last September. She gave birth to babies Noah Henry and Maisie Rose in June.

Caesarean births

Her condition was only discovered when she was admitted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital with severe stomach pains, aged 19 or 20.

Mrs Miles was amazed to learn she was pregnant, and even more astonished when she found out she was expecting two babies: Maisie in her left womb and Noah in her right womb.

She was told there was a one-in-four risk that one or both of her babies would have to be delivered prematurely because her wombs were too small to let them grow properly.

At 28 weeks she had a scare when a scan showed Maisie's head was not growing in the correct shape because of the shape of that womb.

The next week another scan showed Maisie was developing normally, but at 29 weeks Mrs Miles was admitted to hospital with a potentially fatal blood clot in her leg.

After 33 weeks the babies were born by Caesarean section on 8 June.

Maisie was first weighing 4lb 13oz. Noah was born seven minutes later weighing 4lb 15oz. Both are now fit and healthy.

One Life - Pregnant In Two Wombs will be shown on BBC1 at 2235 GMT on Tuesday 15 November.


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