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Last Updated: Monday, 14 March, 2005, 14:42 GMT
Bionic wrist cures bowling injury
A Devon woman who injured her wrist while ten-pin bowling, is to have a replacement "bionic" wrist in a pioneering operation.

Christine Lockton, from Torquay, will be the first patient in Europe to have a prosthetic wrist operation.

It is being carried out at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth on Monday by US hand specialist Dr Luis Scheker, who invented the replacement bone.

He will be assisted by Derriford surgeon James McDiarmuid.

Change hands

Mrs Lockton developed painful arthritis after she tore the ligaments in her right wrist while ten-pin bowling in July 2000.

Ms Lockton said: "After the injury I found that virtually all the strength had gone from my right hand.

"I couldn't even hold a pen in it and had to learn to write left-handed."

She emailed Dr Schecker after Mr McDiarmuid told her about the new prosthetic.

"I could have gone to the USA to have this operation but now it is approved for use in EU hospitals I am so pleased to be the first to benefit."

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