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Charity objects to speedway plan
Harcombe House
Harcombe House helps firefighters with a variety of illnesses
A charity which cares for injured firefighters is objecting to plans for a speedway ground near one of its recuperation centres in Devon.

The Fire Services National Benevolent Fund runs Harcombe House near Chudleigh, and says loud noise could delay its patients' recovery.

Exeter Falcons have a final meeting at the County Ground next month and want to build a new stadium near Chudleigh.

Exeter Falcons says the bikes will not be too noisy.

'Post-traumatic stress'

Harcombe House provides help for firefighters from across the country who are recuperating from injuries and stress.

But they say its quiet location is now threatened by plans to move the speedway ground.

Speedway race
The Falcons have been looking for a new home since 2001
Clare Boyes, centre manager, said: "People increasingly come here with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"A lot of firefighters deal daily with road traffic accidents and I think the sound of motor vehicles can make that worse."

The club does not think it will create much noise and says the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund can make its objections during the planning process.

The Falcons have been seeking a new home since they were given notice in 2001 to quit their current County Ground home by landlords Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club.

New speedway track proposed
20 Dec 03 |  Devon


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